Hi there. We’re Tapp Network.

We have a lot of interests and a lot of interesting people working with us! At Tapp, we truly focus and try to align ourselves with mission-driven enterprises. Those that strive to be a force for good: to themselves, their colleagues, their networks and communities and relish in the idea of creating impact.

We’ve been working towards these values since 2013. What we’ve learned is that of all of our partners, nonprofits really are searching for powerful tools and partners to amplify their voices through marketing and technology.

That’s us! We show our partners how to maximize technology and content to educate their core audiences, foster healthy brand engagement, and promote positive behavior change while generating measurable results.

By tapping into these converging market forces, we’re continuing to set the bar in helping nonprofits and mission-driven enterprises solve their unique problems through integrated digital marketing solutions, websites, and applications.

Ideas for Change

As part of our community commitment, we developed the TappSocialSummit in 2017. The attendance and feedback were so overwhelmingly positive that we determined this should be an annual way to bring together nonprofit and corporate leadership to share ideas, network and learn how to change the world.

We’re always developing new partnerships in new avenues and verticals. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.