Get Involved

Sponsor #TappSocial

There is no better way to emphasize your organization’s ongoing commitment to our nonprofit community. Sponsorship packages are available for our TappSocial monthly live and webinar series as well as our Annual TappSocial Summit.

Speak or Moderate

At Tapp Network, we want to ensure we are providing our nonprofit organizations with the most educational and inspiring digital outcomes possible. We are looking for incredible story tellers, problem solvers and technology gurus to speak or moderate at our monthly social series.

Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers play a critical role in our commitment to the nonprofit community. The events we host aim to ignite conversations with people to explore innovative solutions to challenges nonprofits today face – we want to share as much as we can from best practices in digital, event planning, fundraising and making a collaborative contribution to the community.

Invite Us to a Discussion

Chances are we’re as passionate as you about helping our nonprofit communities excel in digital technology in order for them to go above and beyond their vision. We love meeting new people, sharing case studies, inspiring others for good and presenting workshops that make people sit up and think “How can I do that better?”